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Digital and print merged perfectly
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Teach to reach
all students

Teach to reach
all students

Oxford Flipped

Based on the flipped classroom learning model, Oxford Flipped  implements active learning processes and enables teachers to reach all students.


Students are motivated by a wide range of games and content delivered to suit their individual learning styles.

Class Time

The Oxford Flipped Field Book forms part of a dynamic learning process, with activities that stimulate independent thought and encourage participation.

Parental Involvement

Students and parents can access My Flipped Progress to track learning and performance.

Oxford Flipped Learning Journey

Oxford Flipped Learning Journey guides teachers through the content to show them how to make the most of their classes.

Educational Excellence

All content has been designed by Oxford University Press, a leading publisher of content from the Spanish curriculum in English; meeting the highest quality standards.

Oxford Flipped mixes digital and print content
to create a student-centred learning experience

Oxford Flipped mixes digital and print content
to create a student-centered learning experience

Multimedia content
for different learning styles
Field book with
collaborative activities for classroom use
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