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Oxford Discover Futures’ activates students’ imaginations, inspiring thought-provoking questions that incite them to think critically about the world around them. Its inquiry-based methodology equips learners with 21st Century Skills and prepares them for success at school and beyond.

CEFR A2-C1 · 100-180 hours

Authors: Ben Wetz, Jayne Wildman, Fiona Beddall

Level: 1-4 available 2020, 5-6 forthcoming 2021

Levels 5 and 6 – FORTHCOMING 2021


  • An inquiry-based approach cultivates autonomous learning and stimulates students’ intellectual curiosity; provoking critical thinking, discussion and debate around global issues.
  • Factflix videos at the start of every unit support the unit question, stimulating inquiring minds.
  • Skills strategies foster learning techniques that help learners to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Project pages motivate students to collaboratively explore cross-curricular topics.
  • Life skills lessons focus on the transferable global skills that teenagers need to succeed in the world beyond school.
  • Literature lessons encourage students to enjoy, analyse and respond to literary texts, playscripts, poems and short stories.
  • Writing Workshop helps students to refine their academic writing skills.
  • Integrated vocabulary and grammar analysis in every unit helps learners to deepen their understanding of the mechanics of the English language.
  • The complete assessment package helps teachers to measure students’ progress and achievement. It contains an entry checker test, unit tests, cumulative tests, 21st Century skills assessment and external exam practice tests.

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One learning journey for lifelong success

Lifelong learning starts with Oxford Discover, the first inquiry-based series to take students all the way from Pre-Primary through to the end of Secondary.

The series grows with your students. Each course builds to the next, developing learners with the right level of challenge at every step.


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