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As the follow-up to Project 4th Ed., every lesson is underpinned by the tried-and tested Project methodology. With Project Explore students become confident communicators ready for the world beyond the classroom.


70–90 hours / 10 to 15 years

Authors: Paul Shipton (all levels), Sarah Phillips (Starter and Level 1), Sylvia Wheeldon (Levels 2 and 3), Paul Kelly (Level 4)

Why choose Project Explore?

Prepare students to use English in the real world with a range of topics, texts and tasks.

Meet the needs of every student with material which works in mixed ability classrooms and supports every student

Spark curiosity with projects, culture lessons, photo stories and cartoons.

Develop life skills with activities that encourage creativity, collaboration and communication.

Project Explore at a glance

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    • Teacher’s Guide
    • Teacher’s Resource Centre includes:
    • – Student’s Book and Workbook audio
    • – Video and scripts
    • – Photocopiable worksheets
    • – Wordlists
    • Class Audio
    • Classroom Presentation Tool

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