Oxford University Press aims to offer outstanding service and ensure that you have all the resources you need to face this new normal.

We have listened to your needs and concerns and, consequently, we have successfully implemented a range of services that will improve your day-to-day experience in the classroom.

Digital Content

Easy access for you and your students to all your course’s content and digital resources in the face of this new situation.


An essential space for all teachers. Discover:

• Easily find all your resources. To avoid you missing out on key updates, you will receive a notification every time we update your title’s resources..

• Digital content for both you and your students that can be used both on and offline.

An exclusive area dedicated to your professional development, with tips that you can apply straight to your classroom.

Keep up to date on all the latest news from the education sector. Choose a category or simply head to the featured news area.


An exclusive area dedicated to your professional development. Discover a range of content, in a fun, dynamic and simple format:

• Contemporary content developed to meet the needs of teachers in different educational contexts.

Highly practical courses and programmes adapted to the challenges that teachers face today.

• Flexible training options and a commitment to offering you a personalised and supportive training environment.

• Expert collaborators with extensive teaching and training experience.

Oxford Connect

Your Personal Advisor, more accessible than ever!

You choose how you would like to connect with us,whether by live chat, telephone, email or WhatsApp.

Plug & Play

Tired of downloading large files for your classes? Try Plug & Play NOW

Our NEW Plug & Play USB gives you direct access to all your tools and resources. Forget about downloading files, just plug the USB stick into your computer and start teaching. It’s that simple!

• Save time, access your iPack straight away

• No internet connection necessary

• Available for Windows, Mac & Linux

• Easy to use

• No log in necessary