NEW 2020


The missing link between CLIL and ELT

Achieve active comprehension of content through activities adapted to the Natural and Social Sciences curriculum and promote creative expression (both oral and written) as well as critical thinking skills.

Authors: Susan House, Katharine Scott

NEW for 2020

The collection is now complete!

There are now 24 titles that cater to varying English levels, across the 4 main bilingual subjects.

This collection covers all 6 Primary levels and there are titles for Social Science, Natural Science, Music and Arts.

Why choose Oxford CLIL Literacy?

Develop a deeper understanding of the Natural and Social Sciences curricular content while practising skills that help students improve in all academic areas.

Featuring original stories and illustrations, each book has been carefully adapted to the English level of the age group. In addition, levels 1 and 2 are decodable for phonic learners.

Can be used to support content areas or to complement English classes.

Available for all six levels of Primary.

Oxford CLIL Literacy at a glance

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From improved communication skills and strengthened connection between language and content, discover the many benefits to literacy.


Strengthen learners’ skills with stellar supplementary materials.

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