Inspire curiosity, inspire achievement

Big Questions is a course that challenges children to think critically about the world around them, helping them develop 21st century skills for success beyond the classroom.


Authors: Mary Charrington, Cheryl Palin, Sarah Phillips, Charlotte Covill, Helen Casey, Steve and Katherine Bilsborough

Why choose Big Questions?

Prepares students for success in Cambridge and Trinity exams

Exam syllabi fully integrated into the core course material, with two pages of exam preparation and practice in every unit.

Contemporary approach captures children’s imaginations, and develops 21st century skills

Big Questions’ enquiry-based approach, with a ‘Big Question’ at the start of every unit, helps children develop critical, independent thinking skills.

Strong literacy focus develops confident readers and writers

Literacy lessons in every unit and three extensive readings per level.

Engaging digital package allows you to track students’ progress

Videos and story animations on the iPack capture children’s imaginations while eBooks provide flexibility and enable teachers to track students’ progress.


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Find out how Big Questions links to New Think Do Learn content with Oxford Bilingual Journey, a customisable framework that supports you and your students on the path to bilingualism.


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